Kevin Chang

Kevin is a Silicon Valley technology executive, entrepreneur, and later-blooming athlete.  He’s the cofounder of RaceMob, a technology platform and community for endurance athletes. Kevin has years of experience in lean startups, agile methodology, and organic growth experience, and has helped multiple companies leverage technology to build an engaged audience and to scale quickly.

As an Asian with first-generation parents who was raised in a predominantly white community, I’ve seen the harsh impact of racial bias. I also know the importance of having role models, and leaders who look like you and talk like you. I didn’t find my inner athlete until much later in life, but it instilled a great deal of energy and confidence in me. I believe the Coaches of Color Initiative will help make endurance sports much more accessible to a sector of the population that never dreamed of becoming athletes. I want to lend my knowledge of technology and entrepreneurship to supercharge these coaches’ impact.

Kevin can be reached at